Roche authorized by AMF to enter into public contracts in Quebec

“Our authorization attests to the best business practices Roche has introduced and rigorously applies,” said Alex Brisson, Roche President and CEO. Quebec City, November 18, 2014 – Autorité des marchés financiers (AMF) has authorized Roche Ltd., Consulting Group (Roche) to enter into public contracts in Quebec, recognizing that the firm meets the strict integrity requirements the public has the right […]

Roche Wins a 2014 Grand Prix du génie-conseil québécois Award

Pasquin St-Jean, a subsidiary of Roche Ltd, Consulting Group, won the structural building award for the Casino de Montréal project. The redevelopment work focused mainly on the Pavillon de la France, Pavillon du Québec and the Casino’s other facilities. The main objective was to transform the inner spaces without diminishing -and even highlighting – the historical charm of the exterior. […]

Roche opens Ivory Coast business office in Abidjan

Quebec City, October 31, 2013 — Roche Ltd, Consulting Group (Roche) is pleased to announce the opening of a new Ivory Coast business office. The office is part of the company’s foreign expansion efforts and marks its continuous presence on the African continent over more than 30 years. Through the Abidjan office, Roche will offer locally based service to clients […]

Appointment Notice

Serge Dussault, President and Chairman of the Board of Roche Ltd, Consulting Group, is proud to announce the appointment of Alex Brisson, Engineer, to the position of President and Chief Executive Officer of the company.  Mr Brisson, who holds a Master of Business Administration and Bachelor of Electrical Engineering, joined Roche in 1993, and has served in various management positions […]

World Record – City of Chandler’s Pedestrian Bridge

Roche’s Bridges and Bridge Infrastructures team is pleased to present the pedestrian bridge in Chandler, Gaspé, which earned a world record in its category as the longest aluminum bridge for pedestrians and cyclists, measuring 142 metres, with a 63 metre span between 2 pillars.

Two projects carried out by Pasquin St-Jean, a subsidiary of Roche Ltd, Consulting Group, recently won awards: one from the Institut d’Acier d’Armature du Québec (IAAQ) and the other from Cecobois.

Pasquin St-Jean, a subsidiary of Roche Ltd, Consulting Group, was awarded a trophy during the Institut de l’acier d’armature du Québec (IAAQ)’s awards of excellence in steel construction gala, held in Montréal on May 29, 2013. The winning project was the “Maison du développement durable (sustainable development house), Équiterre building”, in the “panel favourite” category. Pasquin St-Jean was also presented […]

We’re celebrating 50 years of engineering history

Roche Ltd, Consulting Group is celebrating its 50th anniversary this year. Roche was formed in 1963 out of the ambition of a young engineer from La Malbaie, Charles-E. Rochette, and quickly became a key player among engineering consulting firms.  From the outset Roche’s founder, Charles-E Rochette, imposed his vision of engineering in Quebec and of the potential of young engineers. […]