Norda Stelo and DIY Robotics announce partnership

L'équipe de DIY Robotics et Norda Stelo

Quebec City, February 24, 2022 – Norda Stelo and DIY Robotics have signed an agreement to work together on the deployment of robotics solutions in manufacturing.

The agreement builds on the existing relationship between the two companies, where Norda Stelo has demonstrated how DIY Robotics’ mobile cells can be used in palletizing, material handling, assembly and packaging environments.

Norda Stelo becomes one of DIY Robotics’ official integrators responsible for the deployment of mobile cells in Eastern Canada. This collaboration is in line with the Norda Stelo strategy to expand a portfolio of solutions for customers.

“The integration of this type of cells into a production line is a major improvement for the manufacturing industry, as it this will not only improve the safety of workers, but this will also reduce the risks of injuries caused by repetitive motions. The integration of DIY Robotics’ mobile cells also increases both production and efficiency as we implement these types of solutions” – Sophie Boisvert, Vice President, Resources and Industry Market at Norda Stelo.

“Enabling humans to use robotics has always been the goal for DIY Robotics; all workers should feel safe to perform their tasks in their workplace,” said Valerie Girouard, Vice President at DIY Robotics. “This agreement with Norda Stelo perfectly demonstrates DIY Robotics’ commitment to supporting businesses through strategic partnerships and collaborative efforts with leaders like Norda Stelo.”

Norda Stelo counts more than 25 years of expertise in robotics integration and operates a portfolio of different types of technologies in factory modernization.

About Norda Stelo Inc.

Norda Stelo was established in Quebec in 1963. The firm operates 17 offices across Canada and supports clients wherever they evolve, having to this day deployed projects in more than 50 countries for both public and private administrations and industrial sectors.

Norda Stelo has developed a multidisciplinary expertise for the realization of urban and transportation infrastructure projects as well as projects in the manufacturing, mining and energy sectors.

An essential partner for increasing both productivity and profitability. Whether it is through robotics, automation, digital management and transformation, industrial engineering, or production space expansion.

About DIY Robotics

DIY Robotics was launched in 2019 in the city of Sherbrooke by an entrepreneur with 25 years of experience in industrial automation. The company distinguishes itself on the industrial robotics market with unique robotic cells that offer great flexibility to production lines that opt for this solution.

The DIY Robotics product line consists of prefabricated, mobile and modular cells. These features allow a single cell to perform multiple tasks over time with only few adjustments. This technology is now integrated on two continents by more than ten official integrators.

DIY Robotics is also a community of engineers and programmers who collaborate to build the largest open-source knowledge base for industrial robotics.


For more information, please contact:
Norda Stelo: Steve Gingras,, 819 674-6158
DIY Robotics: Valerie Girouard, 819 846-1797