Durabilité des actifs

Asset Durability

We harness the collective intelligence of our partners, communities and the planet to ensure the sustainability of their assets. 

At Norda Stelo, durability is more than a service. It’s a bold vision that has evolved into an impactful business model that truly sets us apart. 

Our decades of experience in Brownfield Engineering have allowed us to develop a unique approach that enables our partners to operate their assets in a way that is increasingly safe, efficient, and sustainable. The proposed solutions allow us to reduce greenhouse gas emissions associated with the replacement of critical equipment or infrastructure, to considerably reduce the risk of major failures with serious social and environmental consequences, and to offer a safe working environment. 

By creating Norda Stelo Solutions, we are pushing this vision even further! We are combining expert talent and data intelligence into a powerful technological product that supports the sustainability of our partners’ assets. 

ESG and Decarbonisation

We are increasingly aware of the importance of corporate social responsibility (CSR), that is, the willingness of companies to conduct their activities while considering the impact of their decisions on the environment and the communities around them. ESG (environment, society, governance) criteria are a concrete measure of the effectiveness of CSR initiatives implemented by companies.

At Norda Stelo, we help our clients address their challenges of aging infrastructure, digital transformation, energy transition to renewable energy and the ESG movement. We help our clients decarbonize in order to reach their net-zero goal faster and more cost-effectively. We help them understand and improve their ESG performance and, finally, we help them make more informed decisions by applying data intelligence to ESG.

ESG et décarbonation

CSR Program

The culture of corporate social responsibility (CSR) has been growing for several years at Norda Stelo. By allocating dedicated resources to the implementation and deployment of its CSR commitments, Norda Stelo is giving itself the means to achieve major objectives in the 5 main pillars of our program. 

Programme RSE


Integrate the concept of positive impact for communities and the environment into our purpose and subscribe to sound governance practices that bring together the concepts of ethics, transparency, and accountability.


Build an environment that fosters professional growth and happiness in the workplace, including consulting with our employees, developing our leaders and integrating principles of diversity, equity and inclusion into our business processes.


Consider and measure the environmental, social and governance (ESG) impacts of all our projects and support our partners in the intelligent, responsible and sustainable management of their assets.


Engage with our employees in the community through meaningful and unifying projects as well as volunteer and philanthropic activities.


To be a committed partner in the development of innovative, sustainable and value-creating solutions for our clients so that they may generate a positive societal impact. 

B Corp

B Corp is a certification granted to for-profit companies that meet the highest standards of social and environmental impact, ethical governance and public transparency. 

By obtaining certification for Norda Stelo as a B Corp, we demonstrate that our actions are truly consistent with our words.

We sincerely believe that we are part of the solution to the climate and social issues of our time.  

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Certified B Corporation

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