Integrated solutions in planning functional layouts and designing port and coastal infrastructures

Norda Stelo provides the support you need for every aspect of your port or coastal project, be it designing port sites, wharfs, marinas, seawalls or terminals; performing work on navigable waterways; controlling bank erosion; or for any other need.
You can count on our expertise in all phases of your project: development, audits, preliminary studies and modelling, inspections, design, detail engineering and construction management. We provide meticulous technical and environmental monitoring at every step, while always keeping community acceptability foremost in mind.

Our expert team is made up of project managers, port engineers, coastal engineers, marine environment biologists, geologists and geomatics technicians working in Eastern Canada and a dozen other countries.

Caroline Vallée
Caroline Vallée

Director, Rail, Ports and Mass Transit

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Our Strengths in Port and Coastal Engineering

  • Social Acceptability
  • Environmental Assessments
  • Maritime Hydraulic Studies and 3D Numerical Modelling
  • Independent Engineer
  • Progressive Aboriginal Relations (PAR) Certification
  • Presence in Africa


  • Port engineering
    • Design and construction (layout of commercial ports, industrial terminals, fishing ports, pleasure-boat harbours and ferry facilities)
    • Wharves
    • Breakwaters
    • Locks
    • Floating marinas, wharves and breakwaters
    • Ship towing systems
    • Dredging work, hydraulic and navigability studies
  • Coastal engineering
    • Studies to determine weather and hydrodynamic conditions: wind, waves, tides, currents and ice formation
    • Sedimentation and shoreline erosion studies
    • Structure design: seawalls along the coast (riprap, concrete, steel), groyne systems, beach fill

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