Toward New Horizons

Founded in Quebec in 1963, Norda Stelo is an independent firm. Specializing in integrated projects, Norda Stelo supports its clients every step of the way, from planning to operations.

We develop leading-edge expertise and form special teams to best meet each client’s needs and every project’s challenges.

Build trust, one project at a time.

Boards of Directors

  • Christian Bérubé


  • Alex Brisson


    President and Chief Executive Officer

  • Jean-Pierre Caron


  • René Rouleau

    Independant director

    Chairman of the Board

  • Pierre Seccareccia

    Independant director

  • Patrick Quigley


Our Member Companies

  • Engineering and design firm A2EP specializes in soil, materials, air and water testing in New Caledonia and the South Pacific.

  • Pasquin-St-Jean is recognized for its expertise in structural engineering for buildings and other structures.

  • Sodéroc specializes in real estate development and is involved in developing building complexes in the residential, commerical and institutional sectors.

  • Norda Stelo Construction has developed expertise in industrial, commercial, institutional and multi-residential construction. The company offers various project delivery options including turnkey construction

  • STONE Oil & Gas is specialized in the oil and gas sector. It is active mainly in North America and in the Middle East.

Our Commitments

For Norda Stelo, trust is an imperative. Our goal is to build long-term relationships with our clients and partners. Day to day, we strive to exceed their expectations in our compliance with best business practices.

Ethics and Integrity


Norda Stelo has put a number of control mechanisms in place to ensure the company and our employees uphold the highest standards of ethics and integrity.

Included among these control measures are:

  • the appointment of an ethics commissioner who serves in a investigative capacity as well as an adviser to directors and senior management on conflict of interest and ethics-related issues
  • the implementation of a hotline that employees and others can call to anonymously and confidentially report any problem situations.
Jacques Langlois

Ethics Commissioner
Ethics and Governance Committee
Audit Committee

Health and Safety

For Norda Stelo nothing is more important than human life. We aspire to be recognized in the industry as THE top firm when it comes to integrating sound occupational health and safety management.


Through our management philosophy and quality system, we stand by our guarantee to provide our clients skilled resources, ongoing search for the most effective solutions, and rigorous control over their projects, from a technical, scheduling and cost perspective.

Sustainable Development

Social, economic and environmental considerations are built into our daily operations as well as the various projects in which we are involved. For our clients, this commitment means sustainable, cost-effective and socially acceptable projects. These concerns are also reflected in Norda Stelo’s support for various social causes.

Community Relations

Norda Stelo cultivates innovative and sustainable partnerships that generate a positive impact in the communities where it operates, thereby contributing to the well-being and growth of local residents.

Having been certified under Silver Level in the Progressive Aboriginal Relations (PAR) program, Norda Stelo seeks to increase Aboriginal involvement in the economy and share the company’s success in human and economic terms while fostering smooth relationships with Aboriginal communities. Norda Stelo is the first Canadian engineering firm and the first company from Quebec to receive this certification level.