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Our team includes technical experts known for their professionalism and significant achievements in the transportation sector. Drawing on over 50 years of road and bridge experience, we have participated in a large number of major projects.


Patrick Couture
Patrick Couture

Director, Roads

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Our Strengths in Roads and Bridges

  • Environmental Assessments
  • Inspections
  • Health and Safety
  • 50 Years of Proven Experience
  • Integrated Approach and Multidisciplinary Team
  • Progressive Aboriginal Relations (PAR) Certification, Silver Level


  • Roads
    • Road and highway development, including urban boulevards and local roads
    • Development of urban infrastructures related to road projects
    • Environmental analyses and integration into the environment
    • Watercourse characterization
    • Intelligent transportation systems (ITS)
    • Traffic studies and management and transportation planning
    • Road signage and signalling
    • Road lighting
    • Hydraulic studies
    • Site supervision
    • Conventional and 3D surveying
    • Inspections by drone
  • Bridges
    • Bridge design, supervision and inspections (highways, roads and logging roads)
    • Bridge launch engineering
    • Orthotropic bridge deck engineering
    • Rope-access inspections of bridges and structures
    • Inspection of engineering works via drone
    • Conventional and 3D surveying
    • Watercourse characterization and bathymetry

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