Environmental impact assessment for the construction of a deepwater oil, ore and commercial port

Norda Stelo was mandated to develop a new port and industrial complex on an area of over 1,000 hectares. This complex will be located in the region of Seme-Podji, about 30 km east of the port of Cotonou, close to the border with Nigeria. It will include an oil terminal, an ore terminal, a cargo terminal and a free zone.


  • Infrastructure promoting economic development in Benin
  • Port land area of over 1,000 ha
  • Modern port meeting new global trends in terms of port, environmental and social security
  • Major facilities:
    • Berths for container terminal (possible capacity of over 2.1 million TEU/year)
    • Berths for tankers (capacity of up to 8 million tons/year)
    • Berths for bulk carriers / ore carriers (capacity of up to 8 million tons/year)
    • 1 roll-on/roll-off (ro-ro) station
  • Designed to prevent and control coastal erosion
  • Free zone of 252 ha

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  • PIC Network Limited
  • Sèmè-Podji, Benin, West Africa
  • €800 M

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