Coastal protection work in Cotonou

An intense erosion problem was plaguing the eastern part of the city of Cotonou, Benin. Wave action was causing an average coastal retreat of 10 m/year, with disastrous impacts, including numerous homes being washed away every year.

This project aimed to protect (over a length of 7 km) the stretch of coastline affected by this problem, by setting up a system of dikes with spikes. Norda Stelo’s coastal engineering team performed the design review of the structures, updated the various studies, supervised the work and managed the project during construction.


  • Maintenance of environmental integrity to preserve the coastal ecosystem
  • Large-scale project in a densely populated area
  • High number of stakeholders: the local community, the five funders and the Ministry of Urban Development, Housing and Sanitation
  • Use of physical and digital modelling for a more in-depth technical analysis
  • Capacity development of the engineers and professionals from Benin

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  • Republic of Benin
  • Cotonou, Benin, Africa

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