December 14, 2015 – Consulting engineering firm Roche Ltd, Consulting Group has changed its name to Norda Stelo Inc. The change is effective immediately and represents the culmination of the extensive transformation the firm has undergone over the last several years.

“Our new identity better reflects who we have become, our new directions and the joint project we have undertaken to look to the future,” explained Alex Brisson, President and CEO of Norda Stelo. “The firm changed before our name did. It was simply time to complete the transformation.”

The independent engineering firm has undergone a complete overhaul since Alex Brisson took the helm in 2013. It has adopted a new governance framework, implemented best practices in ethics and integrity, renewed its management and completely rethought its organizational structure.

Toward new horizons

Norda Stelo means “Northern Star” in Esperanto. “The name holds special significance for our employees because it represents the driver of our transformation the business plan we developed in 2013 which we often refer to as our Northern Star. The Northern Star is also the reference point we hope to be for our clients,” added Mr. Brisson.

The Roche Construction subsidiary has been renamed Norda Stelo Construction.

About Norda Stelo

An independent firm, Norda Stelo was founded in 1963 and is now one of the largest construction engineering firms in Canada. Specializing in integrated projects, Norda Stelo employs over 1 300 people at some 40 offices and has operations in nearly 50 countries


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