Norda Stelo Enhances its Climate Change Service Offering

Quebec City (Quebec), November 1st, 2023 – Norda Stelo, an independent consulting engineering firm, announces that it is expanding its environmental expertise by consolidating its key experts into a new climate change team. This move strengthens the firm’s ability to deliver innovative and sustainable solutions to its clients facing complex and interdependent environmental challenges.

Climate-related issues have always been a major concern for Norda Stelo. The integration of this new team specializing in climate change is therefore in line with the company’s environmental approach, consistent with its accreditations, its ESG (environment, social, governance) engineering solutions and the development of its technology platform, Stelar.

This dedicated climate change team is made up of multi-disciplinary experts specializing in several fields, including:

/ Life Cycle Assessment (LCA): LCA specialists analyze the entire life cycle of projects to identify opportunities for environmental improvement.

/ Climate Risk Analysis: the team of experts assesses the potential climate risks of projects, according to recognized standards such as Towards Sustainable Mining (TSM) and International Finance Corporation (IFC).

/ Energy Transition: energy transition experts work on solutions to reduce projects’ dependence on fossil fuels.

/ Nature-based Solutions: innovative approaches based on the services provided by nature are proposed to mitigate the impacts of climate change and increase the resilience of implemented solutions.

/ Financing Optimization: Norda Stelo supports its customers in their search for provincial, federal, and international subsidies to encourage the implementation of sustainable solutions, such as projects to reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions.

Working in close collaboration with our engineering teams and drawing on its historical environmental expertise, this team develops innovative solutions covering various aspects:

/ Bioenergy and Renewable Energy: the team seeks to develop alternatives to fossil fuels, such as biofuels, electrification, solar energy, and wind farms, to reduce the carbon footprint of products, projects, or value chains.

/ Carbon Credits: The team assesses the possibility of optimizing natural assets, such as forests and wetlands, to generate carbon credits and support their commitment to carbon neutrality.

/ Eco-design: the team works to optimize processes to reduce consumption of fossil energy, water, and other inputs such as raw materials, examine emerging technologies with low environmental impacts, deploy and evaluate climate change mitigation strategies.

/ Carbon Footprint Analysis: in addition to analyzing direct and indirect emissions, the team analyzes indirect GHG emissions linked to all value chains to reinforce the credibility of carbon neutrality action plans.

/ Environmental Impact Assessments: using a life-cycle approach, the environment team develops creative solutions to minimize the environmental impact of industrial, commercial, and institutional projects, thus contributing to the ecological transition of our economy.

To make this commitment a reality, Norda Stelo has called on Aline Cobut, a recognized expert in the climate change field, to bring her experience and leadership to the team. Ms. Cobut has over 10 years of experience in project management in the field of sustainable development applied to the manufacturing and forestry industries. Her expertise includes the use of environmental life cycle assessment as a decision-making tool in various fields and industries (building materials, bio-based products, processes, infrastructure, food, and circular economy).

Thanks to this, Norda Stelo is committed to offering innovative solutions to the challenges posed by climate change, helping to create a cleaner and safer future for the community.

About Norda Stelo

Founded in 1963, Norda Stelo is a Quebec-based independent consulting engineering firm recognized for sixty years for its expertise in the realization of integrated projects in road, port, and rail transportation infrastructures, as well as in various industries including mining and metals, energy and manufacturing and processing. The company supports its customers at every stage of their projects, emphasizing its commitment to quality, innovation, and value creation. Norda Stelo operates in over 50 countries and is B Corp certified, demonstrating its commitment to the common good and sustainability. For more information on Norda Stelo and its services, visit

About Norda Stelo’s Social Acceptability and Environment Group

Norda Stelo’s Social Acceptability and Environment group is committed to promoting a favorable environment for all, while supporting its customers in the development of their projects and ensuring their integration into their social and environmental surroundings. Norda Stelo’s environmental experts are pioneers with decades of expertise in solving complex environmental challenges. Their areas of expertise cover a wide range of services, including:

/ Environmental and social impact studies

/ Air quality and atmospheric emissions modeling, including GHGs

/ Characterization, inventory, conservation, and restoration of natural environments

/ Management of contaminated materials and soils, and mine reclamation plans

/ Hydrogeomorphology

/ Groundwater, surface water and sediment quality

/ Environmental monitoring and follow-up

Norda Stelo’s commitment to environmental sustainability is reflected in the diversity of its specialized services.


Christine Sauvageau
Director Communications, Marketing and Service Offerings