Norda Stelo becomes the first major Canadian engineering firm to earn B Corp certification

Norda Stelo is a certified B Corporation

The firm reaches top recognition for its excellence in ethical governance, transparency, and social and environmental commitment

Quebec, October 17, 2022 – Norda Stelo has completed its bold organizational transformation. Obtaining B Corp certification unequivocally shows Norda Stelo’s ambitions to apply its expertise and talents on behalf of the planet and its communities. This certification represents the greatest distinction in corporate social responsibility (CSR).

B Corp-certified companies opt to do business differently by building a more inclusive and sustainable economy for the common good. They uphold the highest standards of verified performance, responsibility and transparency through employee engagement, exemplary environmental practices, community involvement, responsible procurement practices, as well as a sustainable and innovative business model.

Resolute in its commitment to its stakeholders, the consulting engineering firm is today a leader in the ESG (environment, social, and governance) principles, as put forth in its impact business model which confirms this management philosophy.

A visionary, distinctive business model

The Norda Stelo’s vast experience in Brownfield Engineering pave the way to its visionary impact business. By extending the useful life of existing assets, the company contributes to reduce their environmental footprint, and helps asset managers better plan their investments while also skilfully managing risk. Rather than demolish existing infrastructure and rebuilding from scratch, Norda Stelo’ experts optimize its useful life by adapting and transforming it so that it can continue to fulfill its mission. By using this business model, the organization has a positive impact on its partners as well as on communities and the planet.

When the consulting engineering firm carries out mandates for industries with a heavy environmental footprint, it does so primarily with an eye to help them migrate to decarbonization and to improve health and safety, both human and environmental.

“At Norda Stelo, we don’t use labels just because they are fashionable. We are committed to the ESG path because we believe in it deeply and it is the logical outcome of our organisational transformation. We make tangible, measurable commitments toward our stakeholders to address our era’s major challenges. The B Corp certification proves that our actions are truly aligned with our statements”, concluded President and CEO, Alex Brisson.

About Norda Stelo Inc.

Norda Stelo is 100% employee-owned. Established in Quebec in 1963, the firm operates in more than 50 countries for public administrations as well as for the private and industrial sectors.

Norda Stelo has developed a multidisciplinary expertise to deliver projects covering urban and transportation infrastructures (road, port, rail and mass transit), as well as the manufacturing, mining and energy sectors.

Its team is its strength. Every day, Norda Stelo strives to “Mobilize the collective intelligence to serve the durability of assets for the benefit of its partners, communities and the planet.”