Norda Stelo Acquires PLANIFIKA Inc. and Strengthens its Expertise in Asset Durability

Acquisition of Planifika

Quebec City (Quebec), June 9, 2023 – Norda Stelo, a major Quebec player in the engineering sector, is pleased to announce the acquisition of PLANIFIKA Inc. (“PLANIFIKA”), a consulting firm specializing in asset management. PLANIFIKA’s expertise complements and strengthens Norda Stelo’s value proposition, making it a key player in asset durability. 

Founded in 2005, PLANIFIKA is a recognized multidisciplinary firm specializing in full lifecycle infrastructure management, with a focus on balancing performance, risk and cost. Its proven methodology brings a depth of expertise in durability, particularly in the building sector as well as freight and passenger transportation. 

“The acquisition of PLANIFIKA is in line with our vision of becoming a world leader in asset durability. It will enable us to offer our unique approach to asset management in a number of sectors, including buildings, ports, railways and mining,” said Alex Brisson, President and CEO of Norda Stelo. “Our clients will now have access to an enhanced and more comprehensive service offering and value proposition.” 

Asset Durability is a unique approach to operating existing assets in an ever safer, more efficient, and sustainable way. The solutions provided help reduce greenhouse gas emissions associated with the replacement of critical equipment and infrastructure, as well as considerably decrease the risk of major failures with serious social and environmental consequences. 

Bernard Gaudreault, President of PLANIFIKA, speaks of a natural synergy between the two organizational cultures: “PLANIFIKA’s vision has always been to contribute to the improvement of infrastructure quality by pushing back the boundaries of asset management. This vision is fully shared by Norda Stelo. Their decades of experience in brownfield engineering and their specialized knowledge in a variety of fields will be valuable in improving and perfecting our solutions. We are thrilled to be joining Norda Stelo.” 

As a result, 35 talents from PLANIFIKA are joining the Norda Stelo family, bringing recognized expertise that complements Norda Stelo’s. “More than ever, we are mobilizing collective intelligence towards the sustainability of our partners’ assets, our communities and the planet,” Alex Brisson proudly states.   

About Norda Stelo 

Founded in Quebec in 1963, Norda Stelo is a Quebec-based engineering firm operating worldwide. It operated 17 offices in Canada, the United States and New Caledonia, including operations in Madagascar. It also has offices in Madagascar. Norda Stelo employs over 700 talented people and carries out projects in over 50 countries. 

Norda Stelo relies on its extensive expertise in port, rail and road transportation infrastructures, buildings, or any other type of physical asset, as well as on its in-depth knowledge of the causes of aging components to offer an approach to asset sustainability that addresses technical, economic, operational, environmental and governance constraints. To find out more, visit


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