Appointment of a Director, ESG and Decarbonisation

Nomination de Matt McCulloch

Because ESG criteria and decarbonisation are essential elements to consider in order to follow the great trend towards responsible businesses and to ensure the sustainable future of our communities, Norda Stelo is committed to playing an active role in the development of solutions to address these important issues.

This is why a new management will be created to lead the ESG and decarbonisation workstream.

In keeping with these changes, we are pleased to welcome Matt McCulloch as Director, ESG and Decarbonisation.

Matt McCulloch holds a Bachelor of Applied Science in Civil and Environmental Engineering from Queens University. He has been an environmental consultant with Golder Associates Ltd., and a Technical Analyst, Co-Director and Director with Pembina Corporate Consulting, The Pembina Institute. He has served as Senior Advisor to Canada’s Oil Sands Innovation Alliance and as Director of GHG and I+ at Canada’s Oil Sands Innovation Alliance. Until recently, he was Vice President, New Energy Technologies at Exergy Solutions

We welcome Matt at Norda Stelo and wish him much success in his new role.