Engineering Solutions for Climate and Sustainability

March 30, 2023 – Québec City, QC – Last Tuesday, the federal government unveiled its budget, which highlights current issues to stimulate and position Canada in the clean economy.

The 2023 budget proposes several incentives and budgetary envelopes to support development in the critical minerals and metals, biofuels, clean technologies, decarbonization and industrial transformation sectors. These measures mainly benefit the development and implementation of new technologies, equipment or facilities with a lower environmental impact.

“Beyond the replacement or rebuilding of cleaner equipment or facilities, the significant impact of extending the life of existing assets on carbon avoidance should not be overlooked. Given the size of the aging asset base in Canada, incentives to improve the performance and life of these assets, thereby limiting the use of new resources, should also be part of the government’s strategy. – Alex Brisson, President and CEO.

Norda Stelo draws on its specialization in brownfield engineering, its extensive expertise in the management of existing assets, and its in-depth knowledge of aging assets to propose its durability approach in a carbon neutral strategy. This innovative approach to managing assets by extending their useful life opens the door to significant ESG benefits and should be assessed first before a replacement or reconstruction strategy. In addition, this approach would free up capital to invest in the development and integration of clean technologies.

Norda Stelo can also rely on its experts to safely and reliably evaluate and integrate cleaner technologies and safer, more efficient equipment into existing facilities, such as automated and robotic equipment, production and asset performance management systems, as well as energy transition solutions to renewable energy sources and carbon capture strategies.

About Norda Stelo

Established in 1963, Norda Stelo is a privately held Canadian multi-disciplinary engineering consulting firm operating worldwide. The head office is in Québec City and the firm operates 16 offices across Canada (Toronto, Labrador-City, Calgary and Kitimat), the United-States and New-Caledonia, including operations in Madagascar. The company employs close to 700 people and carries out projects in over 50 countries.

Norda Stelo specializes in integrated projects in urban and transportation infrastructure as well as in various industrial sectors including mining and metals, energy and manufacturing, both in Canada and abroad. Norda Stelo is a proven leader in optimizing asset performance and management, as well as providing clean technology solutions.

Its mission: Driving engineering through innovation. Together. Sustainably.

Its vision: Mobilizing our collective intelligence towards the sustainability of our partners’ assets, our communities and the planet.


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