Closing of Norda Stelo’s acquisition of A2EP

The same local team backed by an international network of engineering specialists.

In 2023, Norda Stelo purchased the remaining shares in A2EP to become 100% owner. The New Caledonian engineering firm is now part of the extended Norda Stelo family, which has been in business for 60 years, carrying out engineering projects in almost 50 countries.

In 2008, Norda Stelo became A2EP’s majority shareholder. This partnership made it possible to draw on the local expertise and know-how developed over A2EP’s 35-year existence, and to combine it with an international network of engineering specialists to offer outstanding service to clients.

The local team remains the same but is now supported by a force of over 850 talents specializing in innovative solutions and services for clients in road, port and rail transport infrastructure, as well as a range of sectors, including mining and metals, energy, manufacturing and processing. These solutions include asset management, ESG initiatives, decarbonization and the STELAR asset management platform.

This acquisition is in line with Norda Stelo’s strategy to establish its position in the strategic metals industry and internationally. There’s no doubt that the expertise and coordinated skills of our teams, made up of Caledonians, Canadians and Americans, create an innovative combination that fosters a plurality of points of view, thinking, knowledge and experience, which combine to create a unique and stimulating environment that benefits everyone, current clients and prospects alike.

With the completion of A2EP’s acquisition, we will be able to take full advantage of their expertise, creating a uniqueness with that of Norda Stelo. Our objectives are to strengthen our presence in New Caledonia, give ourselves better leverage for business development, and gain in efficiency by harmonizing our work processes. We have the resources and expertise to continue to drive engineering through innovation and position ourselves as a world-class player.

If you’d like to contribute to the success of Norda Stelo, in New Caledonia and in many cities across Canada, check out the job opportunities on our website at

Are you interested in contributing to the success of Norda Stelo, in New Caledonia and in several cities across Canada? Check out the job opportunities on our page Careers.