Industrial Engineering – Digital audit

Our client is a processor of deli meats, ham, bacon and cured meats. Today, they want to modernize the capture and visualization of their plant data and improve information links. However, the management team is wondering about the available technologies and the appropriate strategy to deploy these different projects.

Norda Stelo has been commissioned to measure the Global Maturity Index (GMI). The objective of the activities carried out is to measure the global performance of the company and to propose a digital plan to achieve the company’s strategic orientations and objectives.


The objectives of this digital audit are:

  • Evaluate the processes, equipment and IT infrastructure of the plant;
  • Measure the level of digital maturity;
  • Identify the technological projects that will allow the company to reach its objectives;
  • Develop a digital plan based on the company’s digital maturity.

Nature of the work and objectives

The project is divided into three steps that will lead to the 4.0 audit report and recommendations.

The first step consists in carrying out the assessment of the company, i.e. identifying the company’s strategic orientations and its evaluation priorities. To do this, workshops are held to map the value chain and identify the processes to be audited.

The second step is to perform a digital maturity assessment. This is done by auditing the company’s management and processes as well as the equipment and systems in place. This gives us the level of digital maturity.

The third and final step consists of carrying out various activities that will allow the development of a plan to improve the company’s digital maturity. This plan is included in the audit report with the recommendations.

Services provided

Norda Stelo provided the following services during this mandate:

  • Validation of the company’s strategic and operational orientations;
  • Mapping activity of the global process starting from the order taking to the shipping;
  • Selection workshop of the processes to be audited;
  • Audit of 25 processes, 5 of which were at stake;
  • Survey of equipment and IT infrastructure;
  • Analysis of the company’s Maturity Index;
  • Brainstorming activity;
  • Elaboration of the digital plan and writing of the audit report.


  • Employees performance is not assessed
  • Performance of specific tasks is not assessed

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