Michel Rioux Appointed to Roche Group’s Board of Directors

 Québec City, November 12, 2015 – Roche Group is pleased to announce that Michel Rioux has been appointed to its board of directors. Michel Rioux is currently Vice-President of Aboriginal Partnerships and Northern Development at Roche.

Before joining the company three years ago, Michel Rioux was namely general manager of the Nickel Mining Company in New Caledonia, as well as president of Koniambo Nickel, also in New Caledonia, where he spent nearly 15 years. Michel also worked at the Raglan Mine, for Falconbridge. He has acquired extensive human and community relations expertise in the course of his career.

“In addition to his valuable human qualities, Michel brings solid experience that complements that of the other members. His presence is sure to enrich our board,” said François Côté, chair of Roche’s board of directors.

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