Autorité des marchés financiers gives Roche Group subsidiary Pasquin St-Jean & Associates the green light to enter into public contracts

Montreal, December 12, 2014- Autorité des marchés financiers (AMF) has granted Pasquin St-Jean & Associates (PSA) authorization to bid on public contracts in Quebec—confirmation that the Roche Group subsidiary meets the strict integrity requirements the public has the right to expect.

“We have implemented a number of measures to ensure that all our employees, including those at PSA, meet the highest standards of integrity. The AMF’s seal of approval attests to the best ethical and governance business practices Roche has introduced—practices that are now ingrained in our company culture,” says Roche Group President and CEO Alex Brisson.

Specifically, PSA employees must subscribe to a code of ethics and conduct on an annual basis and navigate within the strict mechanisms set up by Roche Group.

Roche Group’s main entity—Roche Ltd., Consulting Group—obtained AMF approval in November.

About Pasquin St-Jean & Associates

PSA, a subsidiary of Roche Group, has been in operation for 30 some years and is one of Quebec’s only engineering firms working exclusively on structural projects.



About Roche Ltd., Consulting Group

Founded in 1963, Roche Group specializes in integrated projects and is one of the largest construction engineering firms in Canada. Roche employs over 1,300 people at some forty offices, and operates in approximately sixty countries.



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