COVID-19 – mobilizing our collective ingenuity in the face of adversity


For Norda Stelo, the well-being and safety of our employees, partners and communities are at the heart of everything we do.

The COVID-19 situation is a priority for our organization. We have set up a crisis management team that meets daily to monitor the situation, make decisions and ensure rapid deployment of necessary actions. We are also making a point of reminding our employees of behaviours required to prevent and control infections.

We continue to comply fully with recommendations and obligations set out by government authorities and urge everyone to do likewise.

Norda Stelo encourages social distancing and wants to remind everyone that our choices have the power to save lives. Limit your outings to what is strictly necessary to protect people in your community.

Our organization believes it is vital for us to take responsibility toward the community. Our coworkers who have returned home from travel outside Canada have been quarantined at home on arrival, as a precautionary measure. We have asked employees to telework when feasible, and in addition we have put safe, flex time measures in place for teams in the field.

Note that our offices remain open and our teams are available to serve our clients and partners.

However, we recommend that you set up remote meetings using available technology and we encourage our partners and clients to do so as well.

Please do not hesitate to contact us to discuss any organizational or technical issues that arise in relation to your projects – in this period of uncertainty, people in the business community have to help one another. If you have questions in this regard or in regard to any other measures taken by our organization, please reach out to us at

We would also like to take this opportunity to thank all the health care and public safety workers on the front line throughout the world for their exemplary commitment and courage in these exceptional circumstances.

Let’s mobilize our collective ingenuity in the face of this adversity and contribute to concerted world-wide efforts. We each have to do our bit. #StayAtHome