We’re celebrating 50 years of engineering history

Roche Ltd, Consulting Group is celebrating its 50th anniversary this year. Roche was formed in 1963 out of the ambition of a young engineer from La Malbaie, Charles-E. Rochette, and quickly became a key player among engineering consulting firms.

 From the outset Roche’s founder, Charles-E Rochette, imposed his vision of engineering in Quebec and of the potential of young engineers. He was a strong proponent of the capacity of engineers to build a sustainable Quebec through sustainable infrastructure.

He particularly treasured the Malbaie region and eastern Quebec.  In 1970, he said “I would like to see government projects in eastern Quebec carried out by firms from eastern Quebec.”
Mr. Rochette and his first partners saw the value in building diverse expertise to meet the needs of clients in the public, parapublic and private sectors.  They firmly believed in employee involvement and very quickly understood that share ownership was key to propelling the business forward.
To broaden its fields of expertise, Roche has over the years acquired new companies adding new strings to its bow and keeping pace with market requirements. Roche’s first international contracts in the late 1970s moreover bear witness to the fact that Roche has always been open to the world.
Shaped by the synergy of its founders and builders over the years, Roche is now one of the largest engineering-construction firms in Quebec and Canada with 1,850 proud employees, and operations in more than 50 countries worldwide.